Coffeeneuring Ride #1

The coffeeneuring challenge from Chasing Mailboxes came along at a good time for me. On the one hand, I’m a terrible urban cyclist. I live within biking distance of a lot of things. Finding a safe route to those things isn’t impossible, now that we’ve lived here long enough to know the back streets, but it does take me out of my safety zone.

I’ve also spent all summer doing basically the same ride both days of most weekends. I’m trying to extend my long ride mileage, though. That means shortening the other day, which means that it isn’t worth driving all the way out of town.

Enter coffeeneuring!

I missed the first weekend, because I wasn’t paying attention.

Saturday was Kolache Saturday at our favorite local coffee shop/grocery store, though. They have almost no parking, and it’s easy to connect with a separated bike path for part of the route home. A perfect candidate for biking.

I had to (literally) dust off the mountain bike for the ride. My “townie” bike has some kind of serious drivetrain problem. I’m so afraid to shift that I might as well be riding the world’s only 3×8 single speed. With my minimal bike handling skills, I’m not a fan of skinny tires and drop bars (not to mention clipless, which I’m still learning) for city biking. That leave the mountain bike. I don’t know why I own a mountain bike. I think I imagined myself riding along through meadows or something. I am, like I said, a terrible bike handler AND I have a strong instinct for self preservation. Not only do I own a mountain bike, it has nicer components than my real road bike.


It’s also, in a twist of total weirdness, where my Brooks saddle wound up. I’ll have to post sometime about the lively game of musical saddles I played at the beginning of the summer. It was mostly a holding place, but it turns out to work quite well with that bike geometry.

The ride itself was uneventful–a little over 8.5 miles round trip to have kolaches and lattes. I did panic and walk over the very narrow bike/pedestrian bridge. No picture of the latte. I forgot until after it was in my belly.