Coffeeneuring rides 4 and 5

I’m finding it a little hard to hit the coffeeneuring groove this year, I have to admit. Last summer, we were winding down a pretty heavy summer of riding. We were tired, and it was still pretty hot outside. A break to do some shorter rides seemed like just the thing. This year, on the other hand, the weather is perfect, we’re tapering up in our riding, and shorter city rides are not quite hitting the spot.

That said, we have had some really nice rides.

Starting with #4 last weekend, which I let slide by the blog:


Coffeeneuring weeks 2 and 3


Coffeeneuring weeks 2 and 3

Bike rack!

Coffeeneuring weeks 2 and 3

This is one of the few shops that’s a moderate distance from our house and on a safe route through a nice neighborhood, so you’ll see almost these exact pictures from last year. But it’s a good place, so I don’t mind.

Total distance: 5.85 miles.

Next up is a new-to-this-year place, with donuts for ride #5.

Maple donuts!

Coffeeneuring 5

This coffee was, alas, terrible, and there was no bike rack.

Total ride distance for this one: 3.5 miles, with a bit of a detour on the way home for the sake of traffic. We are having fits from road construction right now, since some of the best bike able routes through our neighborhood are completely closed.

Two rides to go!

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