Coffeeneuring 2014: Ride #1

I mentioned in my last post that I had basically ruined my summer of biking. I’m happy to say that the situation is much improved. Still a work in progress, but much improved. Maybe the saddle and I are finally seeing eye to eye.

On Saturday, we went out for our first Coffeeneuring ride of the year. I wanted a moderately long ride with no stress, which means the bagel cafe at the end of the bike path. This place thwarted my efforts last year by closing early on Sundays, so it seemed like a great starting point.

The weather was perfect. It was so good I didn’t even want to get off the bike. I spend a lot of the year complaining about our weather, but when it is good, it is so good. And that’s what we had this weekend.

So, the bagel cafe. I love this place, but I have to confess that I find bagels a little hard to digest on the bike. I would probably be better with half. Alas, you can’t get half of a bagel.

Last time we were there my typical bland, sweet bagel was at least 75% sugar, so I switched over to a cheese model. Delicious. The cheese was perfectly crunchy on the outside. (This is not New York; plain bagels here tend to be not so great.)

Coffee at this shop is usually good, but on Saturday it was a little weak. That’s probably good for my biking stomach, even if it was sad for my taste buds. I have no idea why my husband felt like we needed five coffee stirrers in two cups of coffee; there’s not even any sugar in mine.

Coffeeneuring 2014, ride 1

Bonus points for getting a table right next to the bike rack. You can see my new-ish Jandd bag here, which is the perfect size for rides that don’t require stowing layers of clothing. It’s taken me years to find a bike bag I like this well.

Coffeeneuring 2014, ride 1

Total distance: 12.73 miles.

We were planning to front load our rides a bit and go out again on Sunday, but when the time came there were some maintenance issues on my city bike and I was hungry. We did do some riding that evening, but no coffeeneuring.

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