Coffeeneuring #7: Not as planned

About halfway through the coffeeneuring challenge I found a perfect little bagel cafe on my favorite bike path. When I’m on a long ride, it’s about mile 20 out of 40. In other words, perfect for a mid-ride snack. For some reason I didn’t buy coffee that day, and then we’ve been away from the regular ride schedule.

Today was the day! The day we were going to ride out for bagels and coffee! Except it took us forever to get going, and we got there an hour after the shop closed.

Fortunately there was a Starbucks right up the street. I was trying to make it through the challenge with exclusively local shops, but I didn’t quite make it. After a little check of the map to find a way around the very busy road we were on, and a little cutting through of some shopping center parking lots (mostly empty, because it’s Sunday) we settled in to a pair of peppermint mochas. I like to have one a year. I always enjoy it, then decide that they’re really much too sweet.

Have I mentioned that it was 85 today? (Yes, that’s freakish even for Texas.) I should have gotten it iced.


By the time we got our late start and stopped to drink coffee that was much too hot for the weather, it was getting dark. The ride itself ended up a little shorter than planned. 18 miles instead of 30. Oops.


Coffeeneuring challenge complete! A few close calls, but done. As I said yesterday, it’s really been a very interesting and quite useful experiment. I’m so pleased that I participated.