Coffeeneuring #6: The One That Almost Didn’t

I was so tempted to just stay home today. Errands took up most of the day, traffic was heinous, and it rained off and on. By 7:30 I was past hungry, past cranky, and on to completely apathetic.

I rallied, though, prodded my husband to get the bike lights ready, and off we went.

Last time we were at our favorite dinner place we’d noticed that they had both a bike rack and hot tea on the menu, so we decided to get dinner and tea all at once. It’s equal opportunity tea and coffee around here, after all, and tea had yet to make an appearance.

One very interesting thing that coffeeneuring has taught me is that biking is really fast. I got to the restaurant in three minutes. Three! I doubt I could beat that by much in the car (we usually walk), not counting the time it took to lock the bikes. I was wearing a skirt and ballet flats and not even trying to bike fast.

Now, it was well past dark outside and in an “atmospheric” restaurant, so you’ll have to forgive the blurry photos.



And, more importantly, a darned good burger:


We had to bike around a little to get the mileage up and wound up just scraping in:


It was an interesting ride. It brought home to me that I really do feel reasonably safe on our local streets now, at least as long as I’m riding with someone. That’s a huge change from when we first moved here. I’ve learned where you can bypass busy roads with strategic sidewalk riding and where that’s a terrible idea. I’ve learned the back way around a few dangerous intersections. I’m not about to bike out during lunch rush or anything. I still think every car on the highway was looking at me and thinking “Good heavens, that person is crazy for biking on these roads,” but I’ve come a long way from being too worried to ride around the block.