Coffeeneuring #5

Here’s the hitch with the Veteran’s Day Coffeeneuring allowance: my husband and partner in all things bikey had to work. It gets dark here at about 5:30, which is about half an hour after the earliest he can get home.

So today I resorted to something I’ve been saving for a rainy day: the coffee bar of the Whole Foods just down the road.

My photos are very un-artistic for this round, thanks to said darkness.

Coffee and an orange cinnamon roll:
coffeeneuring 5


coffeeneuring 5

Mmm coffee. This was actually some of the better plain drip coffee in town.

We managed to get the outbound ride done in daylight. The return trip required the use of my husband’s fancy-pants bike light:

coffeeneuring 5

Scraping the minimum length requirement at 3.26 miles. I think it took me longer to lock and unlock the bike than it did for the whole ride.

coffeeneuring 5

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