Coffeeneuring #2

It was a lovely day today. Perfect weather. It was a little cool heading out–not so much because it was cool as because it’s dropped about 20 degrees in the last few days. I was starting to think that summer was never going to end.

The plan was to hit up a new place. It’s the rare beast around here that’s easier to bike to than to drive. It’s in a hipster neighborhood, with the attendant parking problems (they do have a lot, but it’s shared with a popular restaurant and a popular bar.)

The bike parking was great. A nice bike rack, plus a nice bike rack next door. Also, as an even better bonus, there’s a station for the city’s relatively new bike share program just across the street.


The coffee was a little disappointing. I don’t even know how this was possible. They use the same roaster as our favorite place, who also roasts the beans we brew at home. And, if I’m getting this town’s kind of incestuous restauranteering right, the roaster is actually co-owner of this shop. Still, the coffee is better across town.


My croissant, on the other hand, was amazing. Perfectly balanced between crisp and tender, buttery enough but not greasy. Marmalade was just bitter enough, creme fraiche just tangy enough.


I think I’ll add it to the rotation, but I may stick with regular drip coffee.

8.92 miles total.


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