That was a longer break than I meant. And, honestly, I’m not sure if being a cycling blogger is really my thing. (I do blog a lot about that puppy in the previous post, over at My Imperfect Dog.) See, blogging depends on variety. I don’t have the cash lying around to create content by buying things, nor the influence to finagle new things to review for free. On the other side, I’ve manage to come to terms with biking in this town, and those terms are “do all my long rides in exactly the same place.”

I’ve learned how to start from my house and bike to a few select places, but if you want to do anything except moderate density urban riding you have to drive out to the ‘burbs. I finally found a long stretch of bikeway that isn’t stuffed to the gills with horrible people (although I did get run off the trail last week by a woman who was too busy glaring at the person she passed to get back over to her side), and mostly I ride it every weekend. Sometimes both days.

For me, this came down to a choice: what do you love about biking? Would you pick varied routes on roads that are neither designed for nor welcoming to cyclists? Keep in mind, if you pick choice one, that it is over 20 miles in a straight line from my house to the closest open road. Oh, and it isn’t pretty biking, either–just urban sprawl. Or would you pick a scenic but monotonous route where you can just pedal along to your hearts’ content? The thing I love about cycling is the zen, so I picked the latter.

In any event, I’ve been riding consistently for the last two months, which would make it the *only* two months I’ve ridden consistently since we moved away from New England. If that takes boring boring boring, I’m okay with it.

So, why dust off the blog at all? Coffeeneuring! Which I’ll post more about in a bit. Also, I’ve formulated this crazy plan to bike a century on New Year’s Day, which means building up a lot of mileage in the intervening months. My longest ride ever is 45, I think, and that was years ago. I’d like to keep track of my training.

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