That was unexpected!

Just after my last post we left on a vacation. The second we came back home, my dad was hospitalized. One week away from the blog turned into three, and then came:


Silas Wegg. Someone abandoned Silas outside my parents’ house while I was back home. He seemed unable to hear, as happens with some white dogs, so someone kicked him out. They probably thought they were doing the right thing–my parents have a fence for their dogs, a great rarity in the area. I brought him home with me, because my parents didn’t have the ability to care for a very young, frail dog. Funnily enough, he hears fine, and is (obviously) blossoming with some care. Somewhat alarmingly, his kibble seems to be going directly into his legs. At seven weeks old, he can already go up and down all of our stairs, even though he only weighs five pounds. I’m immensely curious to see what he becomes.

In any event, I still haven’t managed to fit together cycling+recovering from an exhausting trip+a new puppy. But, I’ll be back with something fun to show you in the next few days!

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