This week we’re away from home, on a business trip for K/vacation near our family. It’s a fairly bike-y trip. My road bike came along, as did K’s mountain bike. We’re also trying to nail down the details of the next bicycle by visiting some shops we don’t usually see.

Which is why it was particularly disappointing that I woke up Saturday morning with some kind of bizarre knee thing. I can’t even self-diagnose it. I mean, who just wakes up one morning with a painful (but not swollen) knee? I’ve never had joint problems in my life. Sunday was much better, until suddenly it wasn’t. Monday was a long drive, which left my knee feeling just generally icky.

I guess the good thing is that my activities don’t seem to bother it. Climbing stairs, walking, squatting down, everything seems fine. I test-rode my bike for a few parking lot laps, and it also doesn’t seem to hurt. Good news, all, although not as good as it being healthy all the time.