Conversation from the Bike Path

There were a few amusing things that happened while we were on the bike path terror ride. This is my favorite:

We cycled past a male runner. He was the rippling muscle type, and he was moving fast. He wasn’t a big guy. You could tell that he was mostly a runner who did the gym thing on his off days, but he did it seriously when he was there.

Later, when we stopped for water, there was a female runner. She was in one of those tiny running outfits that you can only wear if you have serious running-cred to back it up. She wasn’t too thin, in that painful “I run too much” way that some women get, but there wasn’t a pudge to be seen.

As we cycled away, the male runner caught up, revealing that they were a couple. Back at the car I said, “Did you see that running couple? The woman in the tiny shorts and the man in orange?”
K: “Yeah, they were in good shape.”
Me: “I think they spend half their time in the gym, and the other half drinking protein shakes.”
K: “We could do more of that, right?”
Me: “So I could look like her, or so you could look like him?”
K: …. “Well, he had really nice muscle tone.”

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