Saddle Maintenance

Today I realized with a jolt that my practically brand-new Brooks saddle needed a little TLC. You see, I went so far as to buy Proofide, but never applied it. Meanwhile, my poor bike is sitting in our detached, unairconditioned garage, where the temperature is probably hitting 110 on hot afternoons. Of which there are a lot lately. Time to quit thinking about saddle treatment, and actually treat the saddle.




After, with my Minnehaha bag installed:

Which, surely, I must have done wrong, because it was incredibly irritating.

Gratuitous shot of full bike (some non-black bar tape is on the docket, and I promise that carbon-fiber water bottle cage was not purchased by me):


Application was straightforward. I followed the instructions, and I used the cloth that came with my kit. Drying time was in the realm of 30 minutes, in weather that’s somewhere between “warm-ish” and “eye-searing,” with a healthy dose of humidity. As per instructions, I put Proofide top and bottom, since there are no fenders on this bike. Next up: finding somewhere to really ride this bike, rather than poking around on my city bike.