On Pedals

K and I started out fundamentally at odds on the question of appropriate pedals. He was dedicated to clipless. I was, and still am a little, terrified of them. I have some serious phobia of having my limbs restrained. (I’ve been known to have a near-panic attack trying to get out of my winter coat.)

Last time we went out, I heard him say something I never imagined. “You know, when I get a real road bike, I think I’ll put flat pedals on this one.” See, his current “road” bike is a steel cyclocross bike that would, honestly, make a perfect man’s town bike. I’ve even caught him eyeing mustache handlebars lately. Not that it will amount to anything–he’ll buy every mountain bike on the market before he decides to prioritize another road bike.

In the meantime, I’m recognizing that my road bike really is designed for, and thus needs, clipless. I’ve scraped my shoes on the pavement one too many times. In fact, I think the risk of falling may actually be higher without the clipless pedals than with.

This convinced me:

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