Little Obstacles


I snapped this photo while I was walking to the store yesterday. Notice how, in the next block, the sidewalk is replaced by trees? The sidewalk doesn’t go around those; it just ends. Behind the trees is a heavy fence. One block, randomly without sidewalk. There isn’t an inch of shoulder on that 4-lane wide, major road, either.

I’m not trying to whine about it. I can go around the block easily enough, and I certainly wouldn’t advocate cutting down trees in this climate just to add pavement. When I’m going in this direction on foot, I walk against traffic while they sit at the next red light. (Crossing this street is…imprudent.) On my way back, or when I’m biking, I make the block. I just thought this was a nice, illustrative example of the obstacles to city biking here.

I’m also guessing that somebody, somewhere in this town, wonders why there are so few pedestrians.