Gear Review: Skirt Sports Lotta Breeze Capri

Lotta Breeze Capri
Image via Skirt Sports

I bought this little capri/skirt combo last summer. My version is a mesh-weave on the legs and a solid fabric on the skirt; I’m not sure how exactly this compares to current models

I’ve worn it a few times for biking, most recently on a short bike trip through town, which prompted me to review it here.

This garment combines a fair level of functionality with a fair level of cuteness. The legging portion is a comfortably breathable mesh-type fabric, with pockets on each outer-upper thigh. The pockets aren’t large, but they would hold some essentials. You do have to lift the skirt substantially to reach them. It isn’t indecent, but it might get you some raised eyebrows in a store.

The skirt is shorter than I would wear solo, but again, perfectly decent because of the leggings. It’s a nice length to not get hung on the bike saddle, and a respectable bottom-covering length for people who dislike showing the world their spandex-covered backside.

This is not a cycling garment. Skirt Sports doesn’t intend it to be worn for cycling; they have other models for that. At the time those models all featured a longer skirt and shorter shorts, and I thought this model was cuter. These capris do not have a chamois, and there are definitely seams where cyclists would prefer them not to be. The seams are, however, flat and unobtrusive. The pockets are not in an ideal position for cycling at all.

I’ve worn these capris two ways. First, over regular, padded bike shorts, for long rides that included some shopping. This is not ideal. Most importantly, wearing two pairs of pants plus a skirt gets hot, especially when all three layers are synthetic. Also, the leggings are just sheer enough, and the skirt just short enough, that the cycling shorts are still visible. Wearing the capris solo is much nicer, though you do obviously give up the chamois.

Aesthetically, these are cute, but definitely in a “cute gym clothes” way. Telling example: I got multiple compliments while wearing these in the kayaking section of L.L. Bean. Since I only wear athletic clothes in public when it is strictly necessary, they aren’t quite my style. (I also have really mixed feelings about overly-feminized exercise clothes, which I won’t go into here unless prompted.)

I can say that these are prodigiously comfortable. If I tended toward a more athletic style of dress, I would wear them a lot. I also think I would wear them more if my “social exercise” was running instead of biking. I sometimes see ladies on group runs that end at coffee shops, which would really be the perfect use for these.