The Title Photo Story

My header photo looks a little incriminating. My rule-adhering self just can’t take it anymore.

No Wheeled Vehicles

This was a beautiful ride we did last summer, in the far north-eastern edge of Vermont. We were there, ostensibly, for K to ride the famous Kingdom Trails mountain bike system. There’s good road riding all around, though, and I amused myself pretty handily. Without having to climb this:

Burke Mountain

which, if my photo-taking is accurate, is part of what the mountain bike trail does.

One afternoon we set out on a little jaunt up some rural highway. Very rural. After ten or fifteen miles, we stopped for a snack, leaning our bikes against this convenient power pole. Then we saw the sign, and I just had to take the picture. What the frame crops is the real place where “no wheeled vehicles” were allowed–a rocky, steep farm road going up that hill to the left. From the condition of it, I think the farmer was having trouble with ATVs. In any event, I promise, we did not go past the sign!

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