Finally Did It

I finally got on my bike and rode a little in town yesterday. This was turning in to a now-or-never. You know how your brain exaggerates problems until they seem insurmountable (but they’re really nothing)? That was what I was doing about this.

The good:
–Our second-favorite grocery store is less than a mile away, even with a somewhat circuitous route. Given how long it takes the car’s air-conditioning to fight off the built-up heat, it’s hardly any hotter than going in the car.
–The Ortlieb Roll-top Panniers we bought are, indeed, awesome. One pair, split between the two of us, easily carried everything we bought for three days. They detach easily to carry in the store, and they have a very convenient shoulder strap. We liked them so much that we are debating getting a second set. I’ll try to do a formal review of these after we’ve owned them for a while.
–My new bike lock is much less fussy than its predecessor.

The bad:
–The best route requires a tiny block of sidewalk riding. It keeps you from turning left onto a major road with no shoulder or bike lane, only to turn left again across the major road in a block. As I’ve said before, there appears to be no anti-sidewalk riding law here, and most cyclists do it. The problem is the quality of the sidewalks. In that one block there is one substantial drop, and one place where the sidewalk has practically crumbled to dust. The latter almost caused my to wreck my bike. The sidewalks are better on the only slightly longer second-best route, which requires a similar amount of sidewalk riding. I think we’re going to try that way from now on.
–Our favorite grocery store is still eluding me. It isn’t that much further, but there are fewer secondary roads in that direction. I’m still mulling.

And in the “drat” category:
–I realized that my favorite tea place is within biking distance, even on a reasonably tolerable route. They not only don’t have a bike rack, I couldn’t see a single good substitute.

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