Unexpected Success

Florence, I think, is coming in to her own.

I bought Florence because I couldn’t, after almost twenty years off the bike, go straight to a “real” road bike. She’s meant to be a commuting bike, with road-ish geometry, flat bars, and long chain stays. By the time I bought Elton, Florence was very obviously not the right kind of bike for all my riding. Flat bars give very few hand options on long rides, and the geometry was made for slow, loaded travel, not faster recreational rides.

Florence hasn’t been outfitted for city riding yet, in terms of bags or baskets or what have you, which is another excuse I’ve been using to put off biking places. My husband’s bike has a set of Ortlieb roll-top panniers. These are big bags. Not huge, touring scale, but still big. I assumed that I couldn’t run them, because I am short and my frame is small, which guarantees heel-strike with a lot of frames.

But not Florence. Room to spare, even. I toodled down the street and was quite pleased. I would have gone all the way to the store, in fact, except for the serious rust issue happening on my chain.