Buying the Brooks

After my last ride on Elton it was painfully (and oh, I mean that so literally) clear that the saddle had to be replaced ASAP. I wiffled and waffled and couldn’t make up my mind. Racier or classier? Black or Brown? Wider or narrower? So, I did what any self-respecting cyclist should do: recognized that saddle buying is an imperfect art and just went for it.

The end result is a black Brooks B-17. The black feels like chickening out, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around brown with the bike’s modern black components. I think I’ll slowly switch to silver as things wear out, then go for the brown saddle last.

And it’s okay. It isn’t a choir of angels singing, but it’s good. It took three rides to get the angle right, and my bottom gets sore. But my bottom hurts in a new-saddle way, not in a “gee this is completely the wrong shape; I am in agony” way. I need to get some leather dressing on it before I ride much more, and then a little more breaking in.

I’ll let you know.

(Mostly through moving now! Expect more regular updates again.)


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