A Bike Shop-y Weekend

This weekend we were in Vermont, on a little last-gasp vacation. Trying to get away from the moving stress, etc. It was freezing, so we were fairly limited in our activities. Like good cyclists, we took the opportunity to visit every bike shop we could get our hands on.

The star of the show wasn’t even a dedicated bike shop. In one of Vermont’s plethora of “Bike and Ski” shops, most of which are sad places for bikers, I ran across a heart-stopping display.

Two green Sam Hillbornes (orange, as in the photo, is the current color), and a Velo-Orange Rando.

Sam Hillborne, orange
image courtesy of Rivendell Bikes.


image courtesy of Velo Orange.

The Rando is a much prettier bike in person. The color, especially, which looks a little flat online, was very nice. I would have loved to talk classic bike with the store staff, especially about their many lovely accessories, but they were, true to shop type, busy fitting someone with ski boots. It would also have been nice to confirm my suspicion that Rivendell bikes are mostly too big for me–I just can’t get comfortable that stretched out over a road frame.

I managed to nab Elton a nifty Minnehaha Barrel Bag from the ever-delightful Old Spokes Home in Burlington. The really neat thing about the Old Spokes Home is the vast array of used and vintage bikes. I, alas, did not venture into that part of the store on this trip, since we just squeaked in before closing. I’ll give the bag a thorough review a little later on–for now all I can say is holey-moley those buckles are stiff. I’m waiting until after the move to mount the bag, because I don’t think I want to be taking it off and on.

Our last notable bike shop was Five Hills Bikes, also known as Bike29.com. George, who owns the shop, is a good egg and a good hand with wheels. He hand-built my road wheels about this time last year, even though the shop is mostly focused on mountain biking.

It would have been nice to, you know, do some actual biking, but I guess we managed the next best thing.

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