Looking Forward

Things have a way of changing on you. In my last post, I mentioned that I was not currently able to do much transportation cycling. In the meantime, we have signed a new lease, in a new city. (Across most of the country, I might add, which may significantly impact the next month of blogging). We’re now biking distance to everything. Grocery stores, malls, movie theaters, parks, museums, you name it. While it would, in some ways, be an awesome time to buy a traditional step-through bike, that isn’t in the cards right now. This makes it high time to buy some new bike locks and do some updates to Florence, my all-around bike. Perhaps not the ideal bike for elegant city riding, but she does have the advantage of being highly reliable and inconspicuous.

I have two things in mind. First, a set of Wald folding baskets. While these aren’t the most elegant of all bicycle storage, they have three rarely-combined traits. First, they fold completely out of the way when empty. A good thing, since I’m a little worried about heel clearance. Florence has the long chainstays that make a good carrier bike, but I’m a small person on a small frame. Secondly, when they’re open, they have an almost incredible carrying capacity. They’ll hold an entire brown paper grocery bag full. Third, they’re cost effective. Good panniers can cost three times as much. The downside is the weight, but with Florence no longer my primary bike for long/fast rides, there isn’t much need to worry.

I’m also planning on installing a Soma Sparrow handlebar.
Swept back city bars often come much wider than I would prefer, but the Sparrow has a nice, moderate width. They’ll also take my current mountain-diameter grips, brakes, and shifters. With these bars installed in the “riser” position I’ll have a nice upright posture (for seeing traffic). They might also mitigate a nagging elbow issue I’ve had while on Florence for longer rides.

I left Florence with my parents for right now, to make moving easier, but I’ll be sure to post an update once the changes are made.

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